Training Fellowships

As well as providing infrastructural support, INDOX facilitates research opportunities and awards training fellowships to scientists and clinicians from our collaborating centres in India.

This Fellowship programme has proved invaluable to INDOX centres in India and has helped to reduce the attrition rate of junior doctors, encouraging them to develop their expertise, and expand their research opportunities within clinical research.

So far over 100 members of the Network have been awarded fellowships (inc. both research staff and investigators) and have attended training courses in Oxford and India.

The aims of the fellowship scheme are:

  • To support the highest calibre medical graduates with an interest in oncology and clinical research.
  • To provide training in various aspects of oncology and clinical research.
  • To enable fellows to attend courses in Oxford and in India.
  • To provide opportunities for undertaking original research projects in areas of interest to INDOX.