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Established in 2005 as a partnership between the Institute of Cancer Medicine at the University of Oxford and India’s top nine comprehensive cancer centres, the INDOX Cancer Research Network brings together many of the world’s leading scientists from the UK and India to conduct research into the treatment and prevention of cancer.  We are particularly interested in investigating the causes of cancer in Indian patients and how cancer can be prevented and treated cost effectively in India.

Over the next five years, INDOX would like to focus on research into areas which are of the greatest need in India, but which are not currently being addressed, such as:

  • Research into the causes of common cancers in Indian populations.
  • Research into the impact of cancer prevention measures where resources are limited, such as low-cost screening programmes and educational programmes.
  • Research into the effectiveness of treatments which will be affordable to the majority of the Indian population, including traditional ayurvedic medicines.

We also plan to conduct research into the causes of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other common diseases in the British Asian population.

However, to turn this vision into a reality, we need to raise additional funding.

Visionary benefactors have always been the lifeblood of the University of Oxford. Over the centuries, our unbroken tradition of learning and enlightenment has been maintained through strong partnerships with those who share our commitment to advancing human knowledge. The University has a long history of public acknowledgement of its benefactors and is committed to providing lasting and fitting recognition of our partners’ vision and generosity.

We invite you to become an important part of the ambitious, exciting and deeply rewarding work of INDOX. Help us to reduce death and suffering from cancer in India.

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