Clinical Research

INDOX’s aim is to raise the standard of clinical research and trial management in the Indian sites to the level of the best in the world, focusing especially on developing the ability of Indian centres to conduct Phase I trials.

INDOX has facilitated the participation of collaborating centres in phases I, II and III trials in all common cancers, with an emphasis on those cancers which are more prevalent in India. A total of 34 trial protocols have been submitted to the Network by multiple collaborators.

The Network has a strong basic and translational science base both in Oxford and India, and an extraordinary capacity for patient recruitment (collectively, the nine Indian centres see approximately 100,000 new patients per annum.) 

All trials are carried out to the highest ethical standards and INDOX has demonstrated that trials can be conducted in India as well as anywhere else in the world.  Furthermore, INDOX has now established itself as one of India’s leading oncology networks as reflected by the enthusiasm of other centres in India wishing to join us.

INDOX also focuses on facilitating greater investigator input into clinical research. Until recently, the vast majority of clinical trials conducted in India have been designed outside of India by either Western academics or pharmaceutical companies, without significant input from Indian clinicians, using India simply as a place to recruit extra patients. One of the aims of INDOX is for clinicians in India to be involved in clinical trial design from the outset and thereby ensure that protocols are developed which are suitable to be conducted in India, in partnership with Oxford University and sponsors.