Welcome to the INDOX Cancer Research Network

INDOX brings together many of the world's leading oncologists and scientists in a unique global resource to support the advancement of new anti-cancer therapeutics from the laboratory into the clinic.

Established in 2005 as a partnership between the Institute of Cancer Medicine at the University of Oxford and 12 of India's leading comprehensive cancer centres, INDOX’s aim is to conduct high quality research that will help to reduce death and suffering from cancer in India.  We are particularly interested in investigating the causes of cancer in Indian patients and how cancer can be prevented and treated cost effectively in India.

INDOX has established itself as India's leading academic oncology network, conducting a number of clinical studies in common cancers in India and providing training and fellowships to Indian clinicians and scientists.

"INDOX was set up to be an equal partnership between Oxford University and leading academic centres in India.  The Indian and British researchers both have important strengths and skills, and by sharing these and working together, we believe we can achieve more."  Dr Raghib Ali, INDOX Director.

INDOX Case-Control Consotrium
Indian vegetable stallINDOX is currently conducting a series of case-control studies to investigate risk factors for common cancers in the Indian population.
Cancer Incidence in British Indians in Leicester
This study showed that the incidence of certain cancers is lower for British Indians than for British Whites.